What's Hot

WHAT's HOT is that FeeFiFoFun.ca best costume service just launched a fun, helpful way to raise funds for your school. Announcing the FX4 Fundraiser Program for local schools in Peel Region. How does the school fundraiser program work?

1. A parent representative for private, public schools or homeschool group associations registers by phone or by email.

2. Parents go online to www.feefifofun.ca and view the costume choices. Prices, photographs and description of products are all on the website.

3. Individual parents place their orders by phone or email, confirming that the item is suitable and in stock.

4. Individual parents receive a confirmation and can pay using Visa or MasterCard by phone, or an etransfer or by PayPal.

While parents are welcome to shop, and the school benefit, all year long, deadlines for specific events can be set specifically for your school. Let’s use Halloween as an example, for Halloween items to be delivered in a timely manner, the payment deadline is up to and including October 22nd.

5. 15% of every order [pre-tax] will be donated by FeeFiFoFun and this donation will be made to the school rep no later than two weeks after delivery.

6. Costumes will be delivered as one order to the school either on October 23rd, 26th or 27th. This delivery is free. The school representative is responsible for getting the costumes to the respective parents. If someone needs their Halloween item in the first two weeks of October, no problem. Individual arrangements can be made for pick-up or delivery by mutual convenience for any items ordered and pre-paid before October 15th.

Browse the website and let me put your order together with pricing for delivery and taxes. Call or text me 416-705-9132 or email me info@feefifofun.ca